Data Visualization as a Universal Language 9.5.

Data Visualization as a Universal Language 9.5.

In the past two decades, data visualization has been adopted by numerous disciplines and domains, the sciences, statistics, journalism, etc. This has been enabled by an increasing amount of easy-to-use and free visualization tools, and a large variety of books that teach its principles.

In this workshop by Alberto Cairo will describe how anyone can become a visualization designer, and also how those who are already graphics designers can take their skills and practice to the next level.

Alberto is knight chair in visual journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami. He is known for his inpiring lectures and tours regularly around the world. Alberto has  written several books and consulted numerous companies, editorial offices and academic institutions.

Registration form and info on training location (in Helsinki) will be published on this site in April 2019. More information from head of training


9.5.2019 13:00
9.5.2019 16:00
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