How to establish a newspaper and make it profitable in these difficult times? 25.10.

Time:  October 25th, 2 pm
Place: Teams

Byline Times is a newspaper and online media outlet established in 2019 in the United Kingdom by Peter Jukes and Stephen Colegrave. Byline Times focuses on social issues and investigative journalism.

peter-jukes-photo-all-over-press.jpg (871 KB)

Peter Jukes. Photo: All Over Press

Executive Editor Peter Jukes tells us the story of Byline Times in a webinar that is free for all Union members. The webinar consists of a presentation by Mr. Jukes and a Q&A session. The webinar is hosted by political reporter Toivo Haimi.

More information: salla.nazarenko(at)

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25.10.2023 14:00
25.10.2023 15:30
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